I went to an ENT a few weeks ago because I have been getting tonsil stones for a few years now, especially bad in the winter months. He said “yep your tonsils need to come out, this is going to be terrible, plan to be out for at least a week” 😯

That adventure is now scheduled for the week of June 26.

While I’m there I also mentioned that I snore really badly at night. It’s bothered my wife for years and more recently my children have joined in on making it clear they hear it all night too. He ordered an at home sleep study which consisted on wearing a magic Bluetooth ring on my finger for two nights. 😴

I was skeptical that they’d get good results but the doctors office called with the results today, and apparently I stop breathing while sleeping up to 30 times an hour. 😧

So I’m getting a CPAP. 😤

Now at the old age of 39, I have two chronic health conditions, with anxiety/depression being the other.