After decommissioning the WriteFreely instance last week, I moved my blog back to Ghost. But then this weekend I remembered what an absolute shit experience writing or editing on a mobile device is with Ghost. A few people mentioned that they just don’t blog from mobile, but I like to be able to do all my work from as many devices as possible (I push updates from my phone just because I can.)

There are still no native Ghost apps, first or third party, and the web interface is terrible on a small screen. Autocomplete doesn’t work, which means capitalization, punctuation and spelling is especially awful even for me.

I have been listening to the Core Intuition podcast a lot recently, and decided to give and MarsEdit (on Mac) a try. Combined with the recently refreshed iOS app, I think it’s what I need. But what really sold me was the nearly flawless migration from Ghost using the json export file. After finding a nice theme, I flipped the DNS CNAME over.

I’m still playing with the automatic posting to my Mastodon account, as well as how the site will play with ActivityPub. This post will help me see that better 😏