I'm not one for making new years resolutions. They always get broken, and then you're disappointed in yourself. However, Brent Simmons posted something on Inessential which I think is a good goal for anyone this year:

My resolution is to try harder to get angry only when it’s actually worth it. I can be angry at cruelty, angry at the forces destroying democracy for their own corrupt power, angry at the malevolences driving our climate crisis. ... But I need to not get angry just because Instruments won’t profile my app, or I get a robocall, or someone on Twitter completely missed the point of something I wrote.

If I did have a resolution, it would be this coupled with the idea of acting with intentionality. Beyond any specific philosophical meaning to that word, I would use it to mean acting with intention, moving with a purpose, being present in the moment, and focusing in getting things done.

Maybe I do have a resolution.