I have some strict requirements around work pants. My wife hates the “I can see your socks while you’re standing up” hipster look, so they have to be full length. Honestly it’d be a great look since I’m 6’4” but as a result I’m at a 36” inseam. I’m also currently 220lbs, which results in a 36” waist. I could probably lose some weight, but it’s not happening today.

I also have a job that’s requires me to dress nicely to meet a customer in the morning, but be willing to crawl under raised floors and chuck 50# boxes around later that afternoon, without a change of clothes. Expensive slacks will get destroyed. Wearing jeans everyday is frowned upon. I also don’t want to deal with getting pants tailored.

Between size, cost, looks and durability, I’ve found one pair of pants that consistently meet all my requirements.

Eddie Bauer Men’s Legend Wash Chino Pants. Classic fit, preferrably in slate.


I wear these pants almost every day.

Eddie Bauer has come to be my go-to clothing shop over the years, for a number of reasons. The biggest is they make nice fitting, durable clothing, for a reasonable price, that look nice. However, what I apprecaite the most is that they carry “bigger and taller” sizes without being a big and tall store.

You can usually order 36×36 pants online from just about anywhere, but I hate buying clothes online, or making special orders in the store. Eddie Bauer will frequently have these in-stock, although not many. Finding these in the size and color I want has almost become sort of a game. When ever I’m close to a store, I pop in just to look for these pants, even if I’m not in need of more. Yesterday I did this, and to my surprise found two pairs, on sale. After leverging a gift card from my sister, and a $10 off coupon, I got both pairs for $19.


They will soon join the half dozen or so other identical brothers in my closet. Eddie Bauer also has my favorite “Large Tall” shirt size, which seems like it was custom cut for my height and body size. Maybe that’s a post for another day, and another sale.

Did you think you’d be reading about my pants today?

I was in no way compensated by Eddie Bauer for this post, although if they need a paid spokesperson, I’m available. It was however written while wearing one of their shirts and a pair of their pants. I also wore one of their jackets to go to the grocery store this morning.