After months of industry speculation, Apple today released pricing for the new Apple Watch. As a registered iFanboy, I’m legally required to purchase one. I wasn’t even sure when they were originally announced last fall if I’d want one, but I’ve come around.

However, I haven’t decided which one to purchase. Because I don’t have $10,000 sitting around, the “Edition” line is out. That leaves the stainless steel (starting at $549) and the aluminum versions ($349/$399) to choose from. Then it comes down to straps.

There are many obvious things to consider…

  • Material durability: I work in datacenters, I have small children, I occasionally go outside. Which one is going to hold up better under such abuse?
  • Fashion and personal preference: I like things that look nice. But I’m not flashy.
  • Face size: I have small wrists, and traditionally wear smaller faced watches. But would I like something bigger?

Then there are the, less obvious…

  • What cost am I willing to pay for a smartwatch?
  • What cost am I willing to try and convince my wife that she should let me pay for a smartwatch?
  • What cost is my wife actually willing to let me pay for a smartwatch?

Humm… decisions, decisions.

As it is, I’m leaning towards the 38mm Stainless Steel w/ Black Sport Band.