My iPhone 6. 4.7”, silver/white. 64GB. AT&T. This iPhone is the first iPhone I didn’t immediately open the box to feel it was the best one ever. I almost didn’t even order one. The 5 was fine.

I’ve owned it a month now. Originally I felt that I was going to drop it every time I tried to grip it (using my smaller than normal man-hands) — that panic led me to the Apple Store to pickup the black, leather Apple case. The case gave me a safety blanket and the ability to learn to adapt my grip, however, last Thursday I took the case away. It’s been a week since I’ve removed the training wheels.

I love this phone, it feels great. The size is perfect. The rounded corners feel great holding it for long periods of time. I’m also past fussing about the camera bulge. I worried it’d get scratched, now, in Apple(Care) and sapphire crystal, I trust.

I still find myself adjusting my hands a lot more than the 5 or 3G/4 to reach the entire screen, but I’m getting used to it.

iOS 8.1 has massaged the major issues I was having with the software. Battery life has been awesome, far superior to the 5. The ability to use the higher capacity chargers for quick refills is great. Apps are now being updated to take advantage of the increased real estate of the larger screen resolution, but there are still some stragglers. (I’m looking at you OmniFocus.)

Over all, solid purchase.