Chain Reaction Messaging

I love this aspect of corporate life: someone sends a fiery email to a small group of influential people, and you recognize you’re the person to solve the problem, but you’re not ready to speak on it, or present a solution.

While you contemplate your response, the reach of the fiery email expands to envelop more inboxes of increasingly important people, and a chain reaction begins. Each recipient acts before thinking, as they all begin creating their own explanations around the situation, presenting ineffective solutions, or start demanding someone act!

In some cases, new threads of conversation split off and go directions where you have no visibility. The original request having now been reinterpreted through the prism of people who should have never been involved to begin with.

Then, by the time you have the solution, it’s only scoped to the original issue, and not all the new ones that have been created by the ensuing firestorm.