VMware has published new security advisories, knowledge base articles, updates and tools in response to newly disclosed speculative-execution vulnerabilities on Intel CPUs — collectively as “L1 Terminal Fault” — that can occur on Intel processors made from 2009 to 2018. I’m going to outline our response to this issue, and make an attempt to summarize […]

Just enough Windows

I’ve not been a true “Windows user” on a daily basis since the glorious afternoon my first MacBook Pro arrived in 2011. That didn’t exactly mean I quit using Windows on that day, but over time I’ve continued to slim down my actual needs of the Windows desktop operating system to the point where now […]

Migrate to VCSA

Last night I did my first customer migration from a Windows based vCenter to the VMware vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) using the new 6.0 U2M utility. The customer was previously running vCenter 5.1 GA on a Windows Server 2008 R2 based physical HP host. In order to migrate to the VCSA, we first had to […]

Cisco Jabber & Persona Management

I just got finished with a customer issue who had deployed Cisco Jabber along with VMware View, using Persona Management and floating desktops set to refresh at logoff. Much to their annoyance, users would have to reconfigure their Cisco Jabber client with the server connection settings and any client customizations made were lost after logging […]

Set all datastores to round robin using PowerCLI

So you want to set your datastores to Round Robin, but you’ve got multiple hosts, dozens of datastores, and very little time? Just fire up PowerCLI and run this script. Replace “VMCluster” with the name of your cluster. This will change the multi pathing policy on each datastore, on each host in the cluster. get-cluster […]

Determining the layout of vSphere host memory

Memory utilization is important in VMware, most of the time it’s the most limiting factor in the virtual to physical consolidation ratio. Often times I’m tasked with assessing how upgradable a physical host’s current memory configuration is. It’s easy to see from the vSphere Client how much memory you have installed in a host, but […]