In Re, Doorbell Tweets

I received a lot of feedback from my tweet about ditching a new Ring for Nest Hello. I think my Nest Hello preorder has shipped, or is shipping soon. Credit card has been billed. Ditching the Ring 2 that I picked up last month. Have not been thrilled with it. — Michael Stanclift (@vmstan) March […]

Define Essential

Two weeks ago, after regretfully trying to use the iOS 11 developer betas on my primary devices, I was forced by general instability to roll back to iOS 10. Unfortunately, there’s no great way to do this without doing a restore and fresh install. I had a backup from iOS 10 that I’d taken prior […]

Apple Leather Case for iPhone 7

I have an on-again, off-again relationship with iPhone cases. I put them on. I take them off. I generally don’t like cases. I’ve only broken my iPhone one time and that was when my 6 Plus came out of my pocket attached to my hand, unintentionally, on a sticky day. My iPhone 5 and 6 were […]

This is a post about my pants

I have some strict requirements around work pants. My wife hates the “I can see your socks while you’re standing up” hipster look, so they have to be full length. Honestly it’d be a great look since I’m 6’4” but as a result I’m at a 36” inseam. I’m also currently 220lbs, which results in […]

Keeping USB drives clean with BlueHarvest

I’ve long been annoyed with copying files to a USB stick, and then handing them to a Windows user (typically a customer) and then telling them to ignore all the .whatever files that are created. Recently I found BlueHarvest, which runs $15 and has a 30-day trial, and it’s appears to be the new solution to […]

The new(er) Apple TV

When the 4th generation Apple TV was announced a few weeks back, my initial response was basically “take my money!” But then, I had second thoughts, and I didn’t order one at the start of the week when they were first available. I don’t really know why, my heart just wasn’t in it. I decided […]

Regrets of a Plus sized model

My original bout with the 4.7” iPhone 6 lasted almost seven months to the day. I remember this because I received it on September 19, 2014. It was the same day my second son way born. On April 18, 2015, I purchased an iPhone 6 Plus. Why Switch? That’s what everyone had been asking me […]

iPhone 6, one month later

My iPhone 6. 4.7”, silver/white. 64GB. AT&T. This iPhone is the first iPhone I didn’t immediately open the box to feel it was the best one ever. I almost didn’t even order one. The 5 was fine. I’ve owned it a month now. Originally I felt that I was going to drop it every time I […]

Get the most out of Evernote

I’m a huge fan of Evernote. It ranks right up there with Gmail in terms of applications I live my life in. When people sit down with it for a while and begin to use it, or have someone explain all the interesting ways it can enhance their productivity, it doesn’t surprise me that they […]

Commitment Issues

I’ve never been one to have commitment issues. But my decision to move from the iPhone 4 to the Nexus One just couldn’t stick. Last month I wrote about what I saw as the flaws of the iOS platform and specifically the issues I had with the iPhone 4. I also wrote a glowing review […]

Life after iOS

As I explained in a previous entry on Tuesday, I’ve made the decision to leave the world of Apple mobile devices for the land of Google Android. To briefly bring you up to speed: Ever since the iPhone supported Exchange, I’ve been a huge supporter. I’ve spent two good years on the iOS with my […]

Making the switch to Android

Ever since the iPhone supported Exchange, I’ve been a huge supporter. I’ve spent two good years on the iOS with my iPhone 3G. My job bought it for me back in 2008 and I got it shortly after launch. It was a solid phone with a lot of good things to say about it. I […]