Excess Battery

I recently picked up an iPhone XS Smart Battery Case, for my iPhone X. I’ve previously owned the 6S battery case for my iPhone 6, and the iPhone 7 case. Let me first say that even though Apple has designed the case for the XS, it worked on the X running iOS 12.2.2 without any […]

Revisting ​​Essential

Back in July 2017, I wrote about my 10 essential iOS applications. I thought now that we’re reaching the end of 2018, it might be a good time to revisit that list. As I mentioned at the time: I find it helpful to mix things up from time to time, even going as far as […]


Once upon a time there was a meeting of minds, The sun and the moon made a deal with the sky, One would take the morning and the other the night, Together they would blanket the world with light, But the moon had a shadow, he felt like a liar, The sun was the only […]

Looking back at Neowin

Most of the people who know and interact with me professionally, or on social media know me as “vmstan” — and if you asked most of those people they’d tell you I only pay attention to two things when it comes to technology: VMware and Apple. They’d be mostly right. But there was a time before that, […]


Neil McNeill was the most interesting man in my world. Neil knew something about everything and had an opinion to share on all of it. Not in a way that made you feel inferior or insignificant, but in a way that kept you wanting to hear more. It wasn’t hard to spend hours in his living […]

Blog Engineering

I spend a considerable amount of time and effort considering the infrastructure and engine that powers this blog, far more than I’ve ever spent contributing actual content. Recently I’ve been considering a move from Ghost to GitHub Pages. It’s the hip thing to do these days. Scott Lowe moved his over last month, Jay Cuthrell […]

Bird Bath

This is the turkey brine receipe I’ve been using, adapted from this one by Traeger. The first time I used it, it was identical to their instructions but I’ve since boiled it down to what I consider the basics. 20 cups of water AKA 5 quarts 1–1/2 cups of kosher salt 2 cups of bourbon […]

Coaching without fear

Something stood out from an article on the Birth Without Fear site that Sadie sent me earlier tonight: I have watched her move on past the trauma and postpartum depression by herself. I was there, but I am not a trained counselor or therapist. There’s only so much emotional support I can offer because I […]