Kansas City VMUG Conference

I used to go to a lot more of the Kansas City VMUG meetings back before I became a consultant (and had more control over my own schedule) but when I saw there would be a full day event (and that the headline speaker would be Steve Woznaik) I made sure to block the day […]

Fun with AT&T U-verse

I’ve had AT&T’s U-verse service since October 2009, the day we moved into our house. At it’s heart, it’s really a fantastic service offering… IPTV, whole home DVR, advanced DSL, all wrapped up into a nice package. But for the last 6 months I’ve been struggling with a lot of different issues ranging from broken […]

Would Bill Gates pull a Steve Jobs?

If you’re an Apple fanboy you already think Microsoft just rips off Apple’s ideas. However, David Milman at ComputerWorld has asked if it’s time for Bill Gates to pull a Steve Jobs and make a return to Microsoft? Now granted, the departure of these two tech giants from their creations were under very different circumstances. […]