Stronger Together

I wasn’t going to get sucked into the 2016 election, then Donald Trump ran for President I’ve struggled with what to write about this election for months. I’m not shy about my opinions on social media but when it came down to going long form about making my arguments in this election, I’ve written and […]

16GB Problems

For many years, 16GB devices have been an issue for Apple and its users. However Apple fixed this in September, bumping up to 32GB of storage as the new minimum capacity in the iPhone 7, and then going as far as to rev-up the existing iPad line to this new minimum. 16GB problem, gone. Yesterday, […]

Java Jive

Yesterday my local paper posted an article about a new coffee shop that has opened up near my house. Arshad said he has instilled his own requirements for quality in the restaurant. Most of the products used are kosher and organic and he uses organic fair-trade coffee. And with that philosophy, he also balances the […]

It’s about the business model

Marco Arment: … the reason I choose to minimize Google’s access to me is that my balance of utility versus ethical comfort is different. Both companies do have flaws, but they’re different flaws, and I tolerate them differently: Apple is always arrogant, controlling, and inflexible, and sometimes stingy. Google is always creepy, entitled, and overreaching, […]

Uber & Kansas

This afternoon, this image and rants from angry Kansans hit my Twitter timeline. I didn’t even realize prior to today, that it was even a thing, and when I saw Uber’s announcement my reaction was, immediately … I can’t believe I agree with Governor Brownback! “As I said when I vetoed this bill, Kansas should be […]

Bullish on the Watch

There has been a lot of noise about the Apple Watch recently. I’m planning on getting one, and am quite bullish on their future. Here are a couple of great posts I’ve seen on it this week… From Ben Thompson, why the future is wearables that people actually want to wear: It’s increasingly plausible to […]

Apple Watch

After months of industry speculation, Apple today released pricing for the new Apple Watch. As a registered iFanboy, I’m legally required to purchase one. I wasn’t even sure when they were originally announced last fall if I’d want one, but I’ve come around. However, I haven’t decided which one to purchase. Because I don’t have […]

Giving fewer fucks

Pardon my language, or don’t. Last weekend in my Instapaper Weekly email, was a link to a fantastic article by Mark Manson called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. Take 12 minutes, and give it a read: Most of us struggle throughout our lives by giving too many fucks in situations where fucks […]

Encryption as a right?

Law enforcement officials usually play on our fears whenever their powers are limited, but those limitations are what keep our society from being a police state. The Supreme Court’s ruling in Miranda v. Arizona in 1966 led to catastrophic predictions that many criminals would go free and society would be harmed if all arrested people […]

Peace Out Facebook, Mostly

Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote: I’m taking a Facebook Vacation. I’ve logged out from every device, removed the apps, the bookmarks, integration to operating systems. The duration will be as long as I can swing it. There may be a point at which I can’t take it and come crawling back. I wouldn’t […]

Thoughts on the VNXe 3200

I had some thoughts after reading Chad Sakac’s blog entry about the new VNXe 3200. The original VNXe (3100/3150/3300) was not my favorite product. It was fine as far as entry-level storage goes, but there were a good chunk of restrictions on the product, both technical and artificial, compared to it’s “big brother” VNX. I’m […]

Time to play the lottery

Over the weekend I facilitated a customer upgrade that involved: In place upgrade of Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2008 R2 on a vCenter Server. Direct upgrade from View Composer 2.6 to View Composer 5.3. Direct upgrade from VMware View 4.6 to Horizon View 5.3 on two connection brokers. Direct upgrade from vCenter 4.1 […]

New recruit(er)

Historically, finding employment has not really been particularly difficult for me. When I’ve decided it was time to make a change, I’ve been able to do so pretty quickly. A well assembled resume, solid technical chops, practiced interviewing skills, and making connections with people seems to have served me pretty well thus far. I don’t […]

Facebook Vacation

I’ve logged out from every device, removed the apps, the bookmarks, integration to operating systems. I’m taking a Facebook Vacation. The duration will be as long as I can swing it. There may be a point at which I can’t take it and come crawling back. I wouldn’t say I’m having withdrawal, but when I […]

NSA & ‘Big Data’

The civil libertarian in me is appalled at the NSA phone records from Verizon (and likely others) and backdoor access to the data from Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, etc. The engineer in me is fascinated at how import all that data, what they’d store it on (EMC Isilon) and how they would process it and retrive […]

Don’t use a single 100mb vNIC

You really should never use 100mb networking with VMware for much of anything. I’m not even sure 100mb networking has any place in a modern datacenter, except maybe cheap connectivity to something like an iLO/DRAC. You should avoid using a single vNIC for any vSwitch, unless you just don’t care about things like load balancing […]