Stronger Together

I wasn’t going to get sucked into the 2016 election, then Donald Trump ran for President I’ve struggled with what to write about this election for months. I’m not shy about my opinions on social media but when it came down to going long form about making my arguments in this election, I’ve written and […]

Java Jive

Yesterday my local paper posted an article about a new coffee shop that has opened up near my house. Arshad said he has instilled his own requirements for quality in the restaurant. Most of the products used are kosher and organic and he uses organic fair-trade coffee. And with that philosophy, he also balances the […]

The one thing hurting your company’s quest for talent

Some tech companies attempt to impede the natural flow of talent by tying the hand of employees with non-compete agreements. … It’s not hard to see why some companies like them. The whole point of these agreements is to discourage employees from seeking greener pastures. In truth, there is no free lunch. … Tempting though they may […]

It’s about the business model

Marco Arment: … the reason I choose to minimize Google’s access to me is that my balance of utility versus ethical comfort is different. Both companies do have flaws, but they’re different flaws, and I tolerate them differently: Apple is always arrogant, controlling, and inflexible, and sometimes stingy. Google is always creepy, entitled, and overreaching, […]

Uber & Kansas

This afternoon, this image and rants from angry Kansans hit my Twitter timeline. I didn’t even realize prior to today, that it was even a thing, and when I saw Uber’s announcement my reaction was, immediately … I can’t believe I agree with Governor Brownback! “As I said when I vetoed this bill, Kansas should be […]

Apple Watch

After months of industry speculation, Apple today released pricing for the new Apple Watch. As a registered iFanboy, I’m legally required to purchase one. I wasn’t even sure when they were originally announced last fall if I’d want one, but I’ve come around. However, I haven’t decided which one to purchase. Because I don’t have […]

VMware has updated its certification names/logos, again

VMware has updated its certification names logos and logos, again. I guess nothing lives forever, nothing stays the same. What was the VCP until September of last year was originally going to be the VCP-DV, is now the VCP-DCV. The VCP-DT is still the VCP-DT, but the master level certification, the VCDX, has become the […]