Cisco to audit code in wake of Juniper backdoor

In the wake of an announcement by Juniper that after an internal code audit, they had uncovered two backdoors in the operating systems used in their NetScreen firewalls, Cisco has announced that they’re taking similar steps to perform an audit of their code. In a blog post by Anthony Grico, Senior Director of the Security […]

NetApp to purchase SolidFire

NetApp, Inc. on Monday announced its intent to acquire the Boulder, Colorado based all-flash array (AFA) vendor SolidFire, for $870 million in cash. According the to announcement, NetApp intends to incorporate SolidFire’s products into NetApp’s existing product lines. Following the close of the transaction, SolidFire CEO, Dave Wright, will lead the SolidFire product line within […]

Juniper finds backdoor exposing encrypted VPN traffic

In a security advisory posted late Thursday, Bob Worrall, Juniper Network’s Chief Information Officer, announced that the ScreenOS software used on the company’s NetScreen firewalls contains an unauthorized backdoor allowing third parties to potentially monitor encrypted VPN traffic. “During a recent internal code review, Juniper discovered unauthorized code in ScreenOS that could allow a knowledgeable […]

Pearson VUE’s credential management system has been compromised

Pearson VUE, who manages the certification programs for a large number of IT vendors like Cisco and EMC, has announced that their credential system has been the successful target of an attack. The attackers were able to compromise and access information related to a subset of users. The company says that the hack is limited […]

IBM acquires Gravitant to expand hybrid cloud offering

IBM announced that it has acquired Austin, Texas based Gravitant, a company that develops software to enable businesses to manage and purchase cloud services from multiple suppliers, and to create mixed environments of private and public clouds. Gravitant’s software, called cloudMatrix, allows users to quickly compare capabilities and pricing from multiple vendors, and then provision […]

VCDX defense process drops troubleshooting questions

Those who are looking to obtain the highest certification level in VMware’s portfolio, watch out, the company announced in a blog post by Chris Colletti that they’ve made an adjustment to the process. Gone is the final part of the defense, where in the last 15 minutes candidates would be given hypothetical troubleshooting scenarios. Instead, […]

Hewlett Packard Enterprise goes public, splitting HP into two companies

On Monday, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Chief Executive Officer Meg Whitman, as well as partners and customers, rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, and with it the long planned separation of the HP’s consumer and enterprise businesses became official. Going forward, HPE will focus on infrastructure, servers, networking, services, software, and […]

Microsoft said to announce job cuts as soon as this week

Engineering teams have traditionally been split between program managers, developers and testers. Yet with_ new cloud methods _of building software, it often makes sense to have the developers test and fix bugs instead of a separate team of testers, Nadella said in the interview last week. Some of the cuts will be among software testers, […]

Windows 8 shows reduced IOPS requests, more ideal for VDI than Windows 7?

I suppose if you disregard the jarring user experience in a business environment, Windows 8 has been shown to have fewer IOPS requests than Windows 7 by a fairly significant margin in the bootup process, and also when users login. So, there is one good thing about Windows 8.

Oracle VM 3

Oracle VM 3 improved a lot, they are not close to Microsoft or VMware, but it is pretty good if you are not trying to do dramatic things like moving virtual machines around. Gartner’s vice president and distinguished analyst Thomas Bittman, talking about how Oracle VM is poised to be the real competitor for VMware […]

svMotion will rename underlying folders/files, once again

VMware has released Update 2 of vSphere 5.0, and among the fixes is one that should stand out as correcting the loss of a nice feature. Performing a Storage vMotion of a virtual machine will once again rename the underlying folder and VMDK files associated with the machine. vSphere 5 Storage vMotion is unable to […]

Samba, more than SMB

Samba 4.0 comprises an LDAP directory server, Heimdal Kerberos authentication server, a secure Dynamic DNS server, and implementations of all necessary remote procedure calls for Active Directory. Samba 4.0 provides everything needed to serve as an Active Directory Compatible Domain Controller for all versions of Microsoft Windows clients currently supported by Microsoft, including the recently […]

Steve Jobs

One hundred years from now, people will talk about Steve Jobs the same way we do of Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and the Wright brothers. Perhaps, as my friend Chris helped pointed out, he was a mix of Edison and John Lennon. Maybe he was a bit like Walt Disney, or Jim […]

The mythical Verizon iPhone has arrived

Somewhere deep in the heart of the AT&T headquarters, their executives are huddled around holding a vigil to mourn the loss of the exclusive US contract. Likewise, Google execs are probably throwing chairs at the wall screaming “I thought we had something special!” No longer a mythical unicorn, the much anticipated Verizon iPhone is now […]

Google stripping support for H.264 video out of Chrome

In a surprise announcement on the Chromium Blog today, Google announced that they would be phasing out H.264 support from the Google Chrome web browser, in favor of the open sourced WebM standard. The announcement further muddies the waters of HTML5 video support. To that end, we are changing Chrome’s HTML5 <video> support to make […]