Welcome to GitHub Pages

GitHub Octocat

If you’re reading this, you’re viewing my blog content that has been moved from Medium to GitHub Pages. This marks yet another time I’ve moved the content out of one CMS and into another. I’m not sure that I’ve accounted for all the ways I’ve made myself do this since I started maintaining this site in one form or another, but I’ve now powered this place on at least:

  • Second Crack
  • Octopress
  • Wordpress.org
  • Wordpress.com
  • Ghost (self-hosted)
  • Ghost Pro
  • Medium
  • GitHub Pages

This was really done as an experiment to force myself to learn Git. It has the added benefit of allowing me to go back to writing site content in Markdown, as I did with Second Crack, Octopress and Ghost.

My primary writing interface is now Visual Studio Code, which has native Git integration. This allows me to manage all of the enteries, HTML and stylesheets from one application on my Mac, then sync them up to GitHub when I’m done. A lot of guides around using GitHub Pages involve setting up a local Jekyll instance for testing. I perfer to develop in production.

When I’m not where I have access to to my Mac, I can leveage Working Copy on my iPhone or iPad for edits on the go. If all else fails, I can make edits directly on github.com.

I still have some cleanup to to do, around CSS and some page layout. I’m also not happy with the home page listing as it stands now, so expect some changes there over the next week or two.