Plus Thoughts

Despite its increased screen resolution over the iPhone 6, the 6 Plus ships with the same 1 GB of RAM as its little brother. Any 6 Plus owner will attest that this leads to some stuttering and sluggishness at times. I’ve experienced audio tearing and apps crashing under load. It’s not awesome. It makes the 6 Plus look half-assed, and it makes me sad.

This is really my only complaint about the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 doesn’t have these issues. Driving so much real estate at such high resolutions just needs more memory. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s such a buzzkill.

Otherwise, it’s a great phone and a few months after stepping up to it, I’m glad I did. I had an iPhone 6 at launch day, but back in April switched to the 6 Plus and gave my wife the regular 6. Like Stephen, there are some days where it’s a little cumbersome, and there are even days where I wish for the simplicity and ease of grip from a 4” iPhone 5 style device, but the reality is I’d have a hard time going back to anything smaller.